Just Be Claus

Even as a baby, sweet little Claus seemed different. He didn't cry like the other babies and with his rosy cheeks and round little belly, he was a jolly soul. His grandmother declares he is precisely perfect! But as Claus grows, the little boy worries that he is different from other kids: he has a loud hearty laugh, he likes to wear red all the time, and his favorite hangout is the workshop with his grandmother. And at hockey, he helps the other team win because he doesn't want the players to feel bad. When Claus confides to Grannie that he'd rather be more like the other kids, she tells him his differences make him special. She tells him to be himself, "Just be Claus." Claus is sure Grannie is wrong. But then a snowstorm threatens to ruin Christmas. Can Claus figure out a way to use what makes him special to help save the holiday?

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10" x 10"
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Joosse, Barbara
Sleeping Bear Press
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